All Hungary Media Group

The All Hungary Media Group is Hungary’s most innovative English-language publishing network. Its mission is twofold: to provide high-quality and relevant content to readers living in, visiting or interested in Budapest and Hungary; and to provide an easy and cost-effective way for advertisers to communicate with these readers.

The group’s websites and print publications offer a mix of news stories, features, event listings, business directories, gossip and humor, reader forums and marketplaces, and other original content targeted at the thousands of affluent international citizens resident in Hungary, as well as high-value travelers. This content is especially aimed at what we call “influencers”: the people who set the trends that others follow.

While any advertiser seeking to influence these “influencers” will find the group’s publications useful, they offer special value to those small firms and individual entrepreneurs who desire a more affordable and efficient advertising medium than those already on the market.

Online Websites

Due to an ongoing process of reader segmentation driven by the new media revolution, we believe it is no longer possible for one online publication to serve all the various demographic sub-groups that together make up the English-speaking audience for news and information about Hungary. As a result, we have adopted a more targeted strategy based on several websites, each of which is designed to engage one or more of these demographic groups.

Launched in January 2006, is Hungary’s first world-class English-language Internet portal, and has instantly become the standard by which other such websites are judged. It offers an unparalleled mix of daily news stories, original features, event listings, user forums, a free online marketplace, and other content. Its directories contain details on thousands of local businesses and services, including more than 500 restaurants in Budapest alone, each of which can be commented on and rated by users.

The award-winning is Central Europe’s most famous and heavily-trafficked English-language “alternative” publication, and has been featured on Hungarian state television, as well as on, Népszabadság and Magyar Nemzet. Its unique and hard-hitting mix of tabloid news, political opinion, humor, gossip and tips on local dining and nightlife has won it a devoted local following, making it a key resource for reaching younger and more dynamic foreign residents and tourists.

The first international publication specifically devoted to Hungarian food and wine, aggressively covers news of interest to the local and world culinary community. Its fifteen weekly items are filled with “insider” information not available in other English-language publications. While aimed at anyone interested in eating out in Hungary or Hungarian cuisine, it is of special interest to the increasing number of “foodies” who can spend more in a week eating out than the average person spends in a year.

Launched in December 2007, is the first foreign-language daily publication exclusively devoted to business and real estate in Hungary. The site’s mix of short briefings and in-depth features are aimed specifically at helping foreign executives, entrepreneurs and investors navigate their way in Hungary’s often hostile business environment. Realdeal’s strong ethical standards also make it a trustworthy source for readers interested in business and property in Hungary – and a credible platform for advertisers interested in reaching this valuable audience.

As its name suggests, is all about Hungarian politics. More than that, it is the premier source of news, analysis and opinion about Hungarian public life available in English or any other foreign language. While the second-language press in Hungary generally waits a week or more to report on the leading political events impacting the nation, has the story within hours – or minutes. It also includes a regularly-updated blog – “Political Pest” – offering commentary on the oddbeat stories and personalities that often trump policy in Hungary’s colorful political arena.

A “sister” site of, is the first adult website about Hungary for “thinking people.” Unlike other English-language adult sites focusing on Hungary – which are mostly just collections of dirty pictures and links – Sexiside offers regularly-updated sex news about Hungary, comprehensive guide information and other features designed to appeal to adventuresome tourists and local expatriates. As such, it is a natural venue for advertisers who are in the adult industry, from strip clubs to escort services.


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