National Geographic Magyarország – geography, fauna and flora and natural environment

The magazine is the most popular educational forum of geography, fauna and flora and natural environment. The high level articles of the magazine are also society historical documents of an age: they give valuable illustrative and factual knowledge about regions, countries, metropolises and the living conditions of ethnic groups.

Long articles, which compose the main part of the magazine, Hungarian translations of the English publication. Permanent columns:

Geographica (Human, Nature, Civilization, Science and Universe)

News, curiosities in the world of science

Forum -letters from the readers, editorial answers

Background – Weekdays of National Geographic

Plus – a few pictures, which were left out from an article

“Looking back"- a few pictures from the archives of National Geographic

Journeys from the previous century – topics having Hungarian connections, discoveries of great importance in the 114 years past



Intellectual tone

Full of illustrations


Target group
18-49 years old people with AB status and intermediate or university qualification, who live in Budapest or in larger cities and are interested in natural-scientific topics.


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