Marketing and Media
Fortnightly marketing magazine about the national and international relations of the world of marketing, media and advertising.

News: Actual news from the world of marketing, advertising and media

Marketing: Presenting studies, new marketing deals, analysis of market segments, and the latest market research proceedings

Media: Trends in media, occurrences, analysises

Advertising: Reports about the new solutions, market participants

The current issues of brand building.

Barometer: Detailed statistical datas about all mediums of the advertising market from tv, press, to indoor (datas about TV audience rating datas, campaign lists, reports about campaigns)

We were there: Summary of conferences, events with photos

Portrait: Presenting the persons of the trade

All marketing: Interests about the borderlines of design and marketing


reliable and authentic



professional sensitive
Target group

Marketing managers of companies, owners of media, publishing houses, media agency professionals, especially the decision makers. The readers have high purchasing power, and better income than the average. They live an active life, look for high quality products and servieces.

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