Kismama Traditional magazine for young mothers
Traditional magazine of great authenticity for young mothers, it is also open towards new things, alternatives.

Pregnancy and delivery: authentic and professionally supported articles about actual and latest possibilities, physical and mental changes, recommended menu, life style, fitness, beauty treatment.

Baby caring and upbringing, family life: pieces of advice and information in varied topics from teething onwards to the topic of spending spare time in a playful way and the introduction of children’s diseases, learning how to walk, speak, and even how to reach family happiness.

Interactivity: letters from the readers and answers from experts, hotline for young mothers, small ads of the readers, baby photo competition, correspondence supplement.

Services: fashion pages with patterns, fitness and diet advice for the delivery period, test of baby caring products, decoration ideas for the baby room, work and education offers for the period of maternity, baby horoscope, cultural offers, series of tales.



Wide intellectual horizon

Target group

18-34 years old women, who are preparing for their pregnancy, are already pregnant or have children between the age of 0 and 3 years old, generally have university, or minimum intermediate qualification and financial situation better than the average, are main shoppers in the family and they are the decision leaders. They have a great interest for health preservation and for prevention.
Why is it worth advertising?

Target group of women who are sensitive towards themselves and their surroundings.

They possess an outstanding purchasing capacity.

They are about to take a series of purchasing decisions.

They endeavour at quality for the health and development of their children.

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