Figyelő Economy oriented, source-worth, business magazine


Economy oriented, source-worth, business magazine.

Business + People: companies, managers, their surroundings and markets

Economy + Politics: with statistical reports and forecasts

Money + Investment: financing and investment opportunities

Company + Market: economy in the aspect of companies

Management: company management of the next thousand years

Talent: professional forum for people looking for jobs and for advertisers

Our market researches have proved that Figyelő is a dynamic, informatively edited weekly magazine with business and economic topics, which fills in a gap in the Hungarian magazine market.

By the analysis and reports the aim of Figyelő is to prepare the readers of the magazine for business competition and to introduce the secret of the success of others.




easily legible, understandable
Target group

20-59 years old, intellectual men and women, who are the middle- and top managers of medium and large-sized Hungarian companies, economic decision makers in the government and local authority sphere, private entrepreneurs, university and college students.
This sphere makes the decisions regarding all important national investments of companies, enterprises and the state. Their main demand is fast and reliable information and analysis, forecasts, which help orientation and are clearly summarizing at the same time.

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