Exit – not only informative but also fun magazine

The new magazine’s concept differs from the usual in the market as in addition to abundant editorial content it offers easy-to-use, comprehensive listings. Due to the editorial content it is not only informative but also fun.

Film, cinema listings

Disc recommendations

Light music: concert and party selection

Restaurants, cafés recommendations

This + that: selection from the week’s cultural events


Classified ads: jobs, education…

Sport, travel


Web, computers

DVD/VHS review

Interview with someone associated with a current event

Games, humour




Target group
18-29 year olds, living in Budapest. EXIT’s target group comprises open, active young people receptive to novelties.

Why is it worth advertising?

EXIT, compared to the other listings magazines, offers unique advantages to advertisers due to its magazine nature.

As EXIT offers plenty of editorial content, the reader doesn’t just look for listings but browses through the whole magazine and keeps it. Like this the ads are seen, and advertisers are sure to get a return on their investment.

The magazine environment ensures the reader is in a mental state receptive to ads for the advertiser.

The friendly environment and the magazine’s style have a direct impact on the ads.

EXIT’s column structure enables association by topic, and the ads which thus acquire relevance will be received with interest, evaluated and digested by the reader.

18-29 year olds in Budapest who identify with the lifestyle conveyed by cool brands.

EXIT fits in well with Sanoma’s portfolio, guaranteeing a fully efficient campaign for the 18-29 age group (Beau Monde, Cosmopolitan, FHM, Maxima).

EXIT’s fundamental strength and key feature is reaching the target accurately without ineffective dispersion due to Boomerang’s distribution network and the twice weekly top-up.

Guaranteed reach: distribution points are the trendy places frequented by the target group’s brand-oriented, active young people.

Options for a creative look meeting advertisers’ needs to attract the target group’s attention.

The trendy layout strikingly differs from the rivals.

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