Sanoma Budapest Publishing Company

Sanoma Budapest Kiadói Rt. is a leading media company in Hungary. The publishing house has a 30% share in the Hungarian magazine market. It employs over 400 people producing an annual revenue of HUF 15 billion. Sanoma Budapest publishes 26 titles, operates 22 internet products and its conference organizing unit arranges 45 seminars and business conferences every year. As of 2002 the company also deals with event organization, book publishing, merchandising and customer publishing.

The short summary of Sanoma Budapest's history:

1992: With the participation of the Dutch VNU media company, Erasmus Press Kiadói Kft. publishing house was founded in Hungary.
1993: 100% of Erasmus Press Kiadói Kft's shares were bought up by the Dutch VNU.
1994: VNU bought up Figyelő Rt., a publishing house publishing business magazines.
1997: Hearst Erasmus Press Kiadói Kft. was founded, which is a joint venture between Erasmus Press and the American Hearst Magazines International publishing house. (It is Hearst Sanoma Budapest Kiadói Kft. today)
1999: VNU Budapest Lapkiadó Rt. was founded to integrate the activities of Erasmus Press Kft. and that of Figyelő Rt., so that all of VNU's interests in Hungary were represented by one company.
2000: Following the acquisition of the media company Egyesült Kiadói Holding Kft., VNU Budapest Rt. has become Hungary's leading publishing house.
2000: As a result of acquiring the third biggest Internet portal of Hungary,, VNU Budapest Rt. has obtained a significant position in the local Internet market.
2001: Based on a strategic decision, VNU Holland sold its European Consumer Information Group (CIG) – including VNU Budapest to the Finnish SanomaWSOY Corp.'s most significant business unit: Sanoma Magazines B.V.
2002: The name of VNU Budapest is changed into Sanoma Budapest Kiadói Rt.
2003: As of July the co-operation between sanoma Budapest and the German Bauer Verlag for publishing the magazines Bravo, Bravo Girl, Buci Maci, Tina and Tina Extra discontinued.

The history of Sanoma Budapest Kiadói Rt. started in 1992 when the Holland VNU media company established a joint venture under the name of Erasmus Press Kiadói Kft.

Erasmus Press publishing house started with 14 publications: Ifjúsági Magazin, Fakanál, Füles and the 11 members of Füles puzzle-magazine family. In 1995 Meglepetés was added to the portfolio. From 1997 onwards, the publishing house launched new titles every year: Házi Praktika (1997), Cosmopolitan together with Hearst International publishing house (1997), Ötlet Mozaik (1998), Story (1998), Easy PC (1998), Computer Aktív (2000), Beau Monde (2000), FHM together with the Hearst International publishing house (2000), Figyelő Trend (2001), Wellness (2002), Best (2002), Üzlet és Siker (2002) and National Geographic (2003).

From 1999 onwards, the company is called VNU Budapest Lapkiadó Rt., which by then united the Erasmus Press Kiadói Kft. and Figyelő Rt. The latter dealt with publishing the business titles Figyelő, Médiafigyelő and TOP 200. In May 1999, VNU Budapest Rt. gave the licence of publishing 10 members of the Füles puzzle-magazine family and in 2000 that of Ifjúsági Magazin and the Ötlet Mozaik to IQ Press Kft.

Due to acquiring Egyesült Kiadói Holding Kft. (EKH) in 2000, VNU Budapest Rt.’s portfolio has been completed with the magazines Atrium, Családi Lap, Nők Lapja, Nők Lapja Évszakok, Otthon, RTV Műsormagazin, Színes RTV and Vasárnapi Hírek. It also acquired Bravo, Bravo Girl, Buci Maci, Tina and Tina Extra which were published by a joint venture between EKH and the German Bauer Verlag. By acquiring Kismama magazine at the end of 2000, VNU's consumer magazine portfolio was again completed and strengthened with a new niche segment.

As a leading media company, Sanoma Budapest puts emphases on its Internet ventures too. An important step in this respect was the acquisition of the Internet portal, Startlap in the summer of 2000. Since then, the company has been constantly launching new and developing its present web sites and portals –,,,,,,, which makes it a more and more significant player on the local Internet market.

As of October 1, 2001 – when based on a strategic decision VNU sold its European Consumer Information Group – the owner of the publishing house is Sanoma Magazines that is the biggest sector of SanomaWSOY Corp. In 2002 the name of the company changed into Sanoma Budapest Kiadói Rt.

In 2002 the Sanoma Budapest sold the publishing rights of Vasárnapi Hírek. As of March 2003 It is publishing the Hungarian edition of National Geographic Magazine. In the same year the co-operation between Sanoma Budapest and the German Bauer Verlag for publishing Tina, Tina Extra, Bravo, Bravo Girl and Buci Maci brands, discontinued

Sanoma Budapest Kiadói Rt. is in the ownership of Sanoma Magazines media group that is the biggest sector of SanomaWSOY Corporation.

SanomaWSOY is Finland's leading media company and its shares are listed on the Helsinki stock exchange. Its net sales total to 2,3 billion euro (2002), and employs about 18,000 people.

Sanoma Magazines publishes 220 magazines in nine countries: Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland, Hungary, The Netherlands, Romania, Slovakia, Croatia and Sweden. It is a market leader in the first five countries.

The strategy and business principles of Sanoma Magazines:

Sanoma Magazines believes in the power of magazine brands and their potential to expand into multi-media concepts. Its aim is to build and secure long lasting relationships with its readers, advertisers and other stakeholders, on the basis of its core values: creativity, reliability and dynamism.

The mission of Sanoma Magazines is

to create and continuously develop top quality magazine brands and multi-media extensions that offer sustainable profitability and growth;
to be the clear number one in the chosen markets and become a top 3 player in the European consumer magazine market;
to offer a creative, dynamic and inspiring working environment to the employees who are key in reaching the company's objectives;
to create a long term shareholders value taking the interests of all the company's stakeholders into permanent and careful consideration.

The strategic intent of Sanoma Magazines is to strengthen its international infrastructure in the interest of its international expansion, concentrating on the mid size markets.

The strategy and business principles of Sanoma Budapest Rt.

Sanoma Budapest Kiadói Rt. is one of the biggest media companies in Hungary, which is active on the markets of consumer and business magazines and Internet. The company's aim is to become the number-one medium in the country which

is a market leader in its chosen segments;
is constantly mapping the readers' needs that are reflected in the company's products and services on high quality level;
constantly tracks the changes of the media market;
ensures the financial results and growth rate expected by the owner, but at the same time encourages and appreciates values such as creativity, reliability, editorial integrity and mutual commitment.

The business principles followed by Sanoma Budapest are:

Conscious publishing activites combined with creativity;
Commitment to the improvement of the quality of Hungarian journalism;
Acknowledgement of optimistic and success oriented focus;
Revenue oriented focus;
Following and popularizing the principle of transparency in the media market;
Responsibility towards the society and the intellectual prosperity of the people.

Sanoma Budapest's strategy is the following:

Brand development: increasing the number of market leading brands in the portfolio through product development and acquisition;
Supporting the advertisers in achieving their goals through the magazines published by the company
Creating a new balance among the divisions of the company:
Maintaining the company’s leading position in the market of consumer magazines
Obtaining a leading position in the market of business publications and services
Becoming a leading Internet content provider
Development based on niche magazines besides the mass market titles
Development of BTL activities, operating as a communication company

Sanoma Budapest is active in the market of consumer and business titles and Internet products. Due to its diverse portfolio consisting of 26 titles it is one of the largest media companies in Hungary and plays a more and more significant role in the Hungarian Internet market as well.

Around 10 million copies of the Sanoma Budapest titles are being sold every month reaching 5,5 million readers without cross readership. Regarding the number of sold copies, five out of the first six womens' weeklies are published by Sanoma Budapest: Story, Színes RTV, Nők Lapja, Best and Meglepetés.

In the magazine market Sanoma Budapest has a market share of 30% regarding brutto readers market revenues, and 22% regarding brutto admarket revenues.

Consumer magazines
21 different consumer magazines are published by Sanoma Budapest Rt. The range of magazines includes:

womens' weeklies: Nők Lapja, Meglepetés, Story, Best
monthly and periodical womens' magazines: Kismama, Családi Lap, Cosmopolitan, Beau Monde, Nők Lapja Évszakok, Wellness, Praktika
men's magazines and popular science magazines: FHM, National Geographic
Gastronomy magazines: Fakanál, Fakanál Recepttár
Home decoration magazines: Otthon, Atrium
Puzzle magazines: Füles, Poénvadászat
Program magazines: Színes RTV, RTV Műsormagazin

Business publications and business information
Besides publishing four business magazines – Figyelő, Figyelő Trend, Figyelő TOP200, Üzlet & Siker – , and a media trade magazine (Médiafigyelő), Sanoma Budapest organizes business conferences on a weekly basis (Figyelő Fórum).

Sanoma Budapest's Internet products include the websites related to the different Sanoma magazines and the Startlap portal, the Figyelőnet business and the Nők Lapja C@fé women's portal.

Sanoma Budapest plans to expand both its online and printed portfolio according to the needs of the readers and that of the advertisers through product development and acquisition. It analyzes its magazine portfolio by regular market researches and based on the results it improves, re-news and refreshes its magazines.

Gastronomy magazines

On the market of gastronomy publications Sanoma Budapest Rt. is the market leader with its 38% share.

Sanoma publishes the highest circulation gastronomy magazine, Fakanál. According to the readers needs, it is published in full color and it can be collected into a binder.

Through its gastronomy publications, Fakanál and Fakanál Recepttár, Sanoma Budapest gives useful advices to women of all age, interested in healthy cooking. It offers thematically organized collections of recipes and presents certain kitchen tricks and methods.

When looking at the gastronomy publications of Sanoma Budapest, it is important to mention that almost all Sanoma Budapest's women's weekly and monthly publications have cooking sections.National Geographic Magazine Profile
National Geographic Magazine – first published in 1888 – is the world's most popular monthly magazine in science. It is the official journal of National Geographic Society whose mission is "the increase and diffusion of geographic knowledge and conservation of the world's natural resources".

The Hungarian edition of the magazine published in March 2003, follows closely the editorial content of the original one in the same format and similar size. Besides, it is focuses on the country and region related issues as well.



Target group
The target audience of the magazine lives in the capital or county towns, is educated and mainly between 18-49. There is no significant difference by gender. 12% of them are students.

National Geographic Magazine is a market leader among the popular science magazines in Hungary regarding both the number of sold copies and brand awareness.
It is an up-market magazine which has set the standard for excellence in reporting, photography and mapmaking.

List of the products:

Barátok Közt
Beau Monde
Családi Lap
Fakanal Recepttar
Figyelő TOP 200
Figyelő Trend
Kismama Gyerekek
Kismama Különszám
Kismama Mintaszám
Meglepetés Ráadás
National Geographic
Nők Lapja
Nők Lapja Esküvő
Nők Lapja Évszakok
Nők Lapja Konyha
RTV Műsormagazin
Story Különszám
Színes RTV
Üzlet és Siker
Ötlet Mozaik

Portfolio by category:

Womens' weeklies

Best, Maxima, Meglepetés, Nők Lapja, Sikk, Story

Monthly and periodical womens' magazines

Beau Monde, Barátok Közt, Cosmopolitan, Családi Lap, Kismama, Kismama Gyerekek, Kismama Különszám, Kismama Mintaszám, Meglepetés Ráadás, Nők Lapja Évszakok, Nők Lapja Esküvő, Praktika, Story Különszám, Wellness

Men's magazines and popular science magazines

FHM, National Geographic

Listing magazine


Puzzle magazines


Gastronomy magazines

Fakanál, Fakanal Recepttar, Nők Lapja Konyha

Home decoration magazines

Atrium, Otthon, Ötlet Mozaik

Brand magazines

Program magazines

RTV Műsormagazin, Színes RTV

Business publications and business information

Figyelo, Figyelő Trend, Figyelő TOP 200, Market!ng&Média, Üzlet és Siker


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